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Providing Quality Junk & Waste Removal Service in Pompano, FL

Our company offers junk removal for offices, homes and commercial buildings. Our friendly, professional staff will help remove junk safely from your property.

We are committed to helping you get rid of non-hazardous refuse that our skilled staff members can safely transport and load onto our trucks. Your trash will disappear quickly and easily. Our prompt service means that we can arrive at your location the same day you use our services.

We believe in environmentally sustainable practices. Therefore, we dispose of all waste safely. We recycle as much as possible and donate items that we can reuse.

Call us or press the button to reserve our services.

small broom and white debris bag leaning against a white wall
Free instant quote
Coupons and Discounts available!
How can we serve you?
100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
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When you trust us with your junk removal needs, the job isn’t done until you say so.

pile of yard clippings by a city street

Yard Waste Cleanup

Professional yard waste cleanup can get rid of all the organic material that is rotting in your yard. We take down old sheds and pick up yard waste for you.
pickup truck carrying mattresses and carpets

Furniture Removal

It’s high time to say goodbye to all the bulky furniture in your house and office. You can give them to someone that needs them more or have junk removal professionals take it away.
old appliances outside in street before trash pickup

Appliance Removal

Are you looking for a place to store your old appliance? Give us a call and we’ll come pick it up. We will donate it to charities.
messy construction site with tires and lumber

Commercial Junk Removal

Our professionals can remove large amounts of construction debris. We are available to help with any kind of renovation, remodeling, or construction project.

Overview of our Junk Removal Company

Are you trying to find the right people to help with your junk removal? Do you not know who to trust for your junk removal needs? Are you looking to free up space in your office for new equipment? Then you are at the right place.

Professional junk removal and cleaning services are provided by us. Our company uses meticulously planned and systemized processes to deliver your trash removal job from collection to disposal. We don’t deliver just to do the job.

Our staff has the specialized skills, equipment, professional manpower, and abundant resources that allow us to tackle any job. We aim to maintain a high level of service, and we live by our goal to provide the highest quality service for our clients. We are here to serve your needs, and our reward is your happiness.

To discuss your junk removal needs, please contact us either by phone or DM. We’ll be more than willing to help with your concerns and address your waste removal questions. We are available 24/7 to provide a prompt response and high quality service.

The way we do business

When we receive your junk-removal job request, we immediately confirm and schedule a site inspection for you.

After a thorough assessment of the amount and type of junk to be removed, we will provide you with an accurate quote on your packaged service cost. All your requests for waste removal are subject to a single quote.

During the assessment we ask the clients when it’s best to collect their junk, and how they want it done. The job can be done in a variety of ways depending on what the client prefers. We will also consider special instructions regarding where to donate any items in good condition.

We arrive at the designated time, depending on what the schedule, rate, or special instructions have been agreed upon. Once we have agreed on the services, we will sort and haul the items, attach straps and chains to the vehicle and transport them to the recipient or partner recycling center.

We can also arrange urgent pickups. After an assessment and agreement, we can pick-up. We can practically meet the needs of our client.

What are you waiting for?! Don’t let the junk ruin your home’s interior or distract you. Do not let yard waste ruin your lawn’s view. Get rid of junk immediately and enjoy a clutter-free environment.

street lined with old appliances waiting for pickup
They showed up on time for an apartment removal job, and did a great job getting the place cleared out quickly while being careful not to damage anything. Would use them again!
Dewey B.
I love how fast & friendly everyone was when removing my junk, plus they didn’t leave any mess behind when they were done! Pompano Beach Junk Removal definitely exceeded my expectations.
Moses F.
I had an old fridge that I needed to get rid of ASAP. Pompano Beach Junk Removal were here in just a couple hours and removed the appliance for me with no hassles at all! Thank you so much for your help!
Joshua M.

Our Junk Removal Services

See below for more information about our top notch junk hauling services.

Yard Waste Cleanup

Your garden should be beautiful, especially during summer. Barbeque parties can be held on the back porch or in the garden. It is important that your garden does not become overgrown with leaves, weeds or other natural wastes. It’s good news! Good news! One of the services that we can offer you is yard waste removal. With this service, you can have your yard cleaned up and looking its best. Our capable and friendly technicians will take out yard debris such as tree trunks and leftover leaves. We can also remove other types of debris such as soil, lumber or landscaping debris, and even organic clippings.We work with recycling companies as we are committed to environmental sustainability. You can be certain that all garden wastes from your yard will get recycled sustainably.
pile of yard clippings by a city street

Furniture Removal

All of us have junk that we don’t use anymore. It’s not a good idea to have a broken chair or an old couch in your home. Don’t let old furniture sit in a corner of the house and collect dust. Perhaps you aren’t using the furniture anymore and it’s time for you to give it up.We know furniture can hold memories. But those memories will be etched in your heart. Reduce clutter and you will see changes in your daily life. In addition to being able to decorate your home, adding sections to your home can also be done. There are so many ways to improve your space. You can let it go!Instead of trying to sell it on Craigslist or giving it to someone else, why not hire a professional junk removal service? The perk of having us remove your furniture is that it saves you time and money. You don’t even have to move the heavy furniture outside. We will do it for you.
pickup truck carrying mattresses and carpets

Appliance Removal

It can be very difficult to get rid of a broken appliance.The best option is to list the item on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and hope for the worst. However, what if no one offers you the item? Worse yet, what if someone approaches you with cash only for them to realize they’re too late? Getting rid of old appliances can be a hassle. They will need to be removed and you’ll have to decide what to do.We make it easy by taking care of all the hard work. We will either donate the item to one of our charitable partners or send it off to a recycling facility so that they can be properly removed and disposed of.We can haul away your unwanted appliances and offer junk removal services.Our junk removal service removes all the anxiety and hassle associated with getting rid of unwanted objects. We’ll come pick up your appliances for no charge so there is no risk of you losing money.
old appliances outside in street before trash pickup

Commercial Junk Removal

Commercial junk removal is an essential part your business. It ensures that your work area is clean, organized and clutter-free.You can increase your employees’ productivity by improving the quality of your workplace. It provides them with easy access to what they need, and gives the production staff space for creativity.You are likely to generate more waste if you work in the commercial or business sector. These wastes do not disappear magically. They must be removed. But this can be stressful and costly.It’s hard to find a company that will quickly remove commercial junk at an affordable price. We’ve been there, so we know!We can provide the solution that you need. Call us and we will immediately dispatch our professional team to help you get rid of all your unwanted items. We have trucks that can haul up to 6 tons of material. So don’t worry if you need assistance with large items like refrigerators and pianos. We will handle everything with ease. No job is too big for us!
messy construction site with tires and lumber


Full-house cleanouts may be difficult, especially for elderly family members and those with young children. Families will want to make sure their valuables are safe while the junk is removed from their property.There will be no more worries about cleaning out your home. We are proud of the way our skilled staff will help you remove junk items and take care of valuable possessions. Furthermore, our skilled technicians have the ability to communicate with customers and treat all your items with respect.You can also count upon our team to provide efficient, reliable, and fast cleanout services for all our customers. It is important to note that the time taken by our technicians for a complete house cleanout depends on how big your home is. The full house cleaning will take longer if your house is large. As a sustainable firm, we minimize waste by sorting and donating junk.We are available to help you at any time, so give us a call or set up an appointment online.
pile of appliances from cleaning out apartment complex

Electronic Waste Disposal

Electronic waste is the fastest growing part of our landfills. This is not good news for the environment. Battery chemical leaks can cause fires and can also mix up with water sources. This can create health hazards. You can prevent this from happening by learning responsible disposal of electronic junk.Our electronic junk removal service can help you get rid of your old electronics and other unwanted items safely and responsibly. We will arrive at your place of business to take away all items. We will remove all e-waste from your home or business and take care of everything.Our electronic waste collection services are affordable and quick. You can rest assured that your items are in safe hands as we are trained by Texas. No matter if you need us at home or work, our electronics recycling services can help. Don’t toss away those old printers and computers. Let us help you with your old computers, phones, printers, etc. at a very affordable price! Our affordable pricing makes us an attractive choice for Pompano Beach residents and businesses.
dumpster full of metal and electronic equipment

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Do you have popcorn ceilings at home? Remove those pesky ceilings with the help of our popcorn removal service! Our professional service can be defined as a unique and efficient approach to removing any type of popcorn ceilings to make your home look cleaner and more modern.

People love old homes because of the classic charm they exude, but one thing that always has to go is all that old and ugly ‘popcorn’ on the ceiling. Although it might seem like quite a hassle if you want to get rid of it yourself, we offer a popcorn removal service where we’ll do all the hard work for you free of charge! Our trained technicians are here for you and ready to take care of your needs in no time flat !!! We have many years of experience when it comes to working with different types of popcorn removal, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

From ceiling removal to popcorn ceilings, our service is here to help you get your homes up to date! Regardless of the age or size of your home, we are able to provide quality services at affordable prices. You can easily schedule an appointment with us by calling our hotline today! It’s time for a change - let us handle every aspect of removing your old popcorn ceilings so you can focus on other things in life which are more important

man scraping off popcorn-textured ceiling

Construction Cleanup

The task of removing construction debris can be taxing and difficult. It can be hard to get rid of leftover construction debris, no matter how experienced you are in building projects. Removing concrete, steel, drywall, and wood leftovers can be tedious and time-consuming.Worry no more as we are here to provide you with excellent construction debris removal services! We are available to help you with any construction or remodeling projects.Our professional haulers will ensure that all the debris from your construction site is removed safely and efficiently. They are also trained to remove demolition debris like walls, flooring, or frames.You can call our call center to make an appointment for this service. You can also order our services online. We offer same day appointments to help you with your construction debris hauling issues immediately.
pile of crumbled concrete, drywall, and debris
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Our Approach

Junk is the result of many human activities, natural phenomena as well business operations. The simple act of purchasing new appliances and furniture will eventually result in junk. You can accumulate unwanted junk by buying new items when they are available. This will eventually lead to a pile of unutilized things in your storage.

How do we deal with this?

Our company offers many junk removal and cleaning services. There is limited space in our homes and we all need to make the most of it. We don’t want any junk, or furniture, taking up valuable space that could be used for other purposes.

We offer professional junk and cleaning services. We manage safe, legal, and correct disposal of all kinds of waste. Our responsibility does not end with lifting, collecting, and hauling away your junk. We are responsible to maximize each type of waste, in order to reduce the waste piles.

Frequently asked questions
The price of junk removal services depends on the amount of space that your items require in our truck. By calling us, we can give you a rough estimate of the cost of junk removal. After we evaluate all of the items you wish to dispose off, our technicians will offer a free estimate. It is a free quote that comes with no obligation. You may decline our services if we offer you a lower rate.
You can book your junk-removal appointment in a variety of ways. To book your junk removal appointment, call our customer service number. We can offer same-day services to meet your junk removal needs.
Yes, we are open on weekends and holidays to provide junk removal services! Your convenience is our top priority. We will be happy to help you get rid of your junk anytime, day or night. Give us a call, or book online for junk removal services. We can accommodate all your junk removal needs, even on weekends and holidays.
Our staff is able to dispose of items of any size or weight. They are qualified to handle large items such as fridges, water heaters and vehicles. They can also handle small items such as trash, books, vehicle parts and books. No matter the size or type of junk you have, our technicians will take care of it and dispose of it for your benefit!
Yes. Our capable technicians can offer complete house cleaning services. You can call us or make an online appointment to arrange for a cleaning service at the earliest time. Please note that the amount of work required to clean out your home will vary depending on its size. A house that is larger than average will require more time to complete a full house sweep.
We don’t accept junk mail. Unopened oil containers, for example, are not acceptable as they pose a danger to transportation. We do not accept dangerous materials like gasoline, chemicals, infectious material, or asbestos. These are hazardous materials that should be properly disposed of in specialized places.
Our team is certified to save items of potential value. Some items that you can still use will be donated at no cost to our partner institutions. Others that can be recycled will go to community recycling centers. You will see fewer items going to landfills..
All junk items can be collected by our workers and technicians. Just tell us about the items you are looking to dispose of and we will do the rest. Our capable team will take care of all your junk removal needs.
We offer a variety of sizes. We can supply a truck that meets your specific needs. We have trucks up to 16 cubic meters. These trucks can accommodate large furniture items such as couches or beds. Also, smaller trucks can be used for junk removal jobs that are smaller in size and less bulky appliances.
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