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Do you find yourself in a difficult situation? Are you looking for ways to dispose off your furniture? You know that it isn’t possible to simply throw your furniture out for the local trash management company. While you can give it away for free, you cannot just put it outside with a note inside. But what if it isn’t wanted by anyone?

Problem is that most people don’t know what to do about their junk. They want it removed but they don’t have the budget to pay for professional help. The same principle applies when purchasing new furniture. Sometimes you have to give up on your old furniture to make room for new pieces. We can help you with all your furniture removal needs. Find out how! Reach out to us!

If you’re looking for a place where you can get rid of your junk without breaking the bank, we are the right choice for you. This saves our customers money over other options such as dumpster rental or landfill.

When choosing us as your local trash hauling company, we will make sure that all your unwanted items are removed from anywhere on your property - including garage clean-outs, attic clearings, and basement/attic cleanup projects. Our crew will do everything for you and leave nothing but a clean job after we’re done!

What furniture types are accepted?

Being a one-stop junk removal service provider, we accept almost any type of furniture, big and small. Don’t worry about how to dispose of bulky furniture. We have you covered, from pickup, transporting and disposal. Here are some examples of furniture that we will pick up.

  • Chairs, sofa, stools and love seats.
  • Recliners, sleeper couches, and bunk bed
  • Wood and metal futons
  • Headboards, footboards
  • Rollaway beds and cots
  • Nightstand & bedside table
  • Mattresses, frames, and beds
  • Tables for all occasions
  • Hutches
  • Entertainment centers
  • Patio furniture
  • Wardrobe, chests and cabinets.
  • Coffee table and nightstand for office, home, or coffee tables
  • Bookshelves and dresser.
  • Desks, file cabinet, and tool unit

Eco-friendly Junk Removal Solution

We support responsible waste disposal, as well as eco-friendly options that minimize the amount of waste going to landfills. This will help preserve the environment. So, we won’t throw away your old furniture. We aim to give them new lives, new purposes, and a place of their own.

You can send your old furniture to local charities that are in great and usable condition. They will use it for better purposes than going to landfills. Helping those in greatest need and helping our clients to safely dispose of their old furniture is a win-win. Your old furniture can be sent to charities if you have them in mind.

Free instant quote
Coupons and Discounts available!
How can we serve you?
100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed